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FORO AVOGADOS is a Galician legal services firm, that gives legal advice and defends its clients in different areas, mainly in Galicia, and in the other territories of the Spanish State, the European Union and Latin America.

Our team is made up of highly trained lawyers in diverse legal disciplines, with a single direction and in constant process of formation and specialization.

Our FIRM model is based on a tradition of service to our clients, based on the study and understanding of each problem, and a rigorous work for its SOLUTION, principles that led to its foundation.


FORO AVOGADOS LUGO, S.C.P. was established on June 1, 1989, being founding members the current partners Xosé Manuel Fernández Varela and Alberte X. Rodríguez Feixóo.

Since its founding, the philosophy that inspires the firm has meant a constant process of expansion and modernisation that lead it to including the practice of diverse areas of the right and to complete a human highly specialized team, up to the height of the times.

In line of this expansion, both in terms of human and technical resources, and evolving with the times, the firm moved from its original offices at Quiroga Ballesteros 7, in the walled center of the city (1989-1993), to Quiroga Ballesteros 4, in the same street (1993-2001), occupying at present three premises of the second and third floor of an emblematic building located at Ronda da Muralla, 193.

Nowadays, FORO AVOGADOS, as far as human resources are concerned, makes up an important group of professionals, in an organization of teamwork and by specialities, what, on the one hand it allows to cover a wider spectrum of matters, and on the other one it guarantees a personalized and specialized attention, according to the matters that our clients entrust us in the different jurisdictional orders, in the whole territory of Galicia and of the State, and even in the institutions of the European Union, for what we support agreements of permanent collaboration with important firms of the Spanish State and of other countries of the European Union.


FORO AVOGADOS LUGO, S.C.P. has as principles a rigorous treatment of the entrusted matters, a personalized and specialized attention, and the constant search of a suitable SOLUTION, guaranteeing in every moment a confidence climate of our clients with the office and our full implication in every human underlying problem in the juridical relations.

We develop our labour giving our services to big companies from different economic sectors and diverse professional corporations, as well as to all the people who, traditionally, have to good grant his confidence to us to obtain our advice, help, and juridical service, trying the excellence in the quality anyone that is the kind of client and problem or conflict in which we intervene.

Without prejudice to the treatment as a team or of multidisciplinary, when it’s required, every matter entrusted to us is assigned to one of our lawyers depending on the field to treating, guaranteeing thus an specialized attention from the different juridical sections of the firm.

FORO AVOGADOS is actually involved in the social and linguistic reality in which we are, which on the one hand took us to a use and constant promotion of the own language of Galicia in all our areas of performance; and on the other one, to try to a better development and application of our juridical institutions, by means of the cooperation in diverse scientific and cultural areas, and the collaboration in diverse specialized publications.

To do so, FORO AVOGADOS possesses a wide team of professionals, trying his specialization and permanent training, and with a technological equipment according to the times, which allows us to develop our work in a more effective and competitive way.